I have one week till I go. I spent the first two hours of my morning at the Indian embassy getting my visa – most dull, but at least it is out of the way.

I am now trying to sort out my accommodation in Delhi, not proving fun, but I think I have found somewhere which will be OK if they have vacancies… must phone them at lunch time. The first place I found is only £4.50 per night, perhaps a little less than I had hoped to pay, they keep e mailing me, which, if they are desperate for customers, isn’t a good thing!!!

Things still a bit mad at work – doesn’t really feel like I will be leaving my desk for 3 months…. have to get my laptop sorted with everything I need to be able to work whilst I am away – yawn… a chore for tonight.

Said farewell to Mr. Date this morning; I wonder if fate will have our paths cross again in the future?

And as for yoga – I didn’t do any yesterday – 12 hour shift in the office, and I probably won’t do any today as I have too many things to do… well, maybe I’ll fit in a little this evening….