I got up this morning and did my usual Friday practice at 6. I am quite getting used to doing it now. We usually precede it with Curry on Thursday night, which is nice! I even strayed from my usual sag paneer last night and had dahl… plenty more of that to come soon!

I still notice that my morning practice is stiffer than practicing later in the day, but what I do like about it is how meditative it is. I can get up at 5.50 do yoga then watch the world wake up as I have my breakfast. If I were to get up at 5.50 and just get going for my day, I would feel horrible and tired, but doing the yoga doesn’t have that effect – my body seems to perceive it as rest time still!

One more week at work, and making some progress towards my departure! I am also hoping not to leave too late tonight so that I can get a round of Karaoke in at the local pub with my colleague before I go home 😀