Had a nice practice last night – just straight primary series, but I was quite in my flow. Three of us did the class – it could have been a bit faster really, but one of the ladies is pretty much just a beginner and is kind of slow. I took things at my own pace and just stopped now and again for them to catch up. Note to self – if you do Mysore practice this will not happen…. all the more reason to ‘go Mysore‘ after my TT course is finished.

With assistance I pretty much managed Supta K. I can grab my fingers, but the pull back from my legs on my shoulders is pretty strong, so I can’t hold it for so long. If I could actually get my legs properly over my shoulders, I guess it would be easier, but my left hamstring is still playing up a bit, so it isn’t comfortable.

I got an absolutely MASSIVE cramp in my left calf doing Setu Bandhasana; OMG I thought my leg was trying to rip itself apart. When I rolled out of it, I think my teacher thought I had hurt my neck – she was quite concerned. But OUCH…. I could hardly walk out of class, it felt like I had done 200 calf raises with 50Kg weight! Today it doesn’t hurt so much, but is just really, really stiff – lactic acid overload! Hopefully it will be OK in step class :-S