This is nothing like Ashtanga…. I think this is what Rodney Yee’s DVD should have on it! I am not normally one for yoga DVDs, but last night I practiced with the neighbour and she had bought Rodney Yee’s DVD. The practice claimed to be advanced – which it was to the extent that it had some interesting transitions from headstand into arm balances, but other than that, it was pretty lame. During the 50 minute ‘total body’ practice I never even broke into a sweat! I also found that the sequence flowed really, really quickly – almost too fast, never holding any posture for more than a couple of breaths. He and his editors also didn’t do a great job, and on two occasions a posture given on the right was not repeated on the left…. ahh well, I needn’t do it again. Whinge over!

Proper Ashtanga tonight, that will keep me happy. And between me and that practice stand 10 hours at work!

I was pleased to find out yesterday that girl I know from my step class will be in Delhi at the same time as me. We are going to exchange contact details at class tomorrow!