Is it just me, or is Christmas being promoted even more this year than ever before? I seem to have received e mails, mail shots, inserts with bills, all about Christmas!! Its such a waste of paper for a start and I am not buying anything this year. I am sure I don’t remember being this bombarded before, or maybe its just because I won’t be here for Christmas??

Yoga has been fine – nothing interesting to report – practiced on Friday morning, and then went to a led primary class in Dublin this morning. The teacher was fine, a stand-in apparently. I had a few mat etiquette issues, someone who came late plonked themselves right next to me and didn’t stagger, despite having 2 metres of room in front of her – D’oh, why not just move forward instead of having to avoid my arms all of the time…. perhaps I was in her spot??? Who knows!

2 weeks 2 days to go, and still done nothing on the to do list….