I am really busy; OK, it’s probably my own fault. Yesterday I had a pretty awful hangover and was not at all productive, so today I had LOADS to do. My boss joked with me that maybe I wouldn’thave time to go away – hopefully he isn’t right; the stuff I am busy with is the stuff that would need to be done anyway and doesn’t include all of the extra stuff I am going to start doing VERY SOON, in order to make my departure from London stress free….

Got to work at 8, and worked till 7, came home with more work to do whilst waiting for a builder to come over and discuss the finer points of a new partition wall…. what fun – NOT.

I had no time for yoga today; was at the point where I just couldn’t have less sleep in order to fit in my practice and be constructive at work. I did practice yesterday, with the hangover and I will practice tomorrow.

I was thinking how much easier life would be if I didn’t have to go to work, and then realised that in 2 and a half weeks I won’t have to, for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! Hooray. Any lack of practice this week will be more than made up for when I get to India.

Not managed to do anything on the to-do list yet…. ought to print it out or something, as a reminder.