Its funny how being mentally exhausted seems to make you physically exhausted – I worked another really long day, and my practice was so lacking. I went in with an open mind, and didn’t feel physically tired, but I just really couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm to do much. My colleague tells me that this is how normal people feel all the time when faced with the prospect of exercise – and that I am just a yoga junkie!

As I have trouble getting the backs of my arms to the floor in Kapotasana, my teacher decided to use me to demonstrate kapotasana around a chair – I thought I might die – I don’t think my problems are related to muscle stiffness, but compression in the shoulders; bone meets bone, it doesn’t go any further – see the photo in this entry. I really couldn’t breath, she insisted it was a panic reaction… I wasn’t convinced!

As i finished my practice and assessed how half hearted it had been, I started to look forward to all the yoga I have ahead of me – a time to really concentrate on doing it properly, really trying.