Ugh – I am so full of curry – I have eaten out TOO MUCH of late. Yesterday I ate all of my meals out, today 2 of 3… I feel fat and bloated!

Didn’t manage to practice on Friday – ended up going out Thursday night so a morning practice was out of the question, then went out again with colleagues in the evening.

Practice today was fine – nothing particular to report, didn’t brunch with the yogis as I met up with my mum – the last time before I go away …

I booked my first connecting flight today – Delhi to Goa 15th Dec. I am looking forward to going now, and my plans are taking shape. I have been getting quite stressed about how much there is to do and how little time I have to get it all done in, and how many people I want to see. I have also been really enjoying things in London recently too, and a little part of me doesn’t want to leave at all…. but I deserve this break, and London will still be here when I get back.

Current to do list:
get Indian visa
unlock mobile phone
pay car tax
pick up 3 months worth of contact lenses
tell bank that I am going away
tell freeholder of my block and make sure service charge bill is e mailed to me
Get booster jabs
decide which yoga courses I am going to do and book them
finish off shed loads or work!!

Well, that’s not such a bad list – I wonder how many of these were on my last to do list???

I also want to fit in seeing the Chola: Sacred Bronzes of Southern India exhibition at the Royal Academy and the Rodin Exhibition, also at the RA.

Should be able to fit in yoga tomorrow, thankfully, need to sweat out 10 tons of curry before my date in the evening…!!!