I went over to H&M at 9 this morning to try and pick up a Viktor and Rolf trench coat for my friend in Ireland – It was mad, absolutely packed out. I didn’t get the mac; I saw a few people holding them, but everything was off the racks in seconds!

Practice yesterday was really good, only two of us there – our teacher was messing around with us a bit, trying to get us to do some stuff from the end of second series – all rather lost on me really; she probably shouldn’t have bothered! Before class I felt really lacking in energy so bought myself an energy drink – not Red Bull, but a cheap imitation, not sure if that helped my practice any, but the sugar and caffeine rush certainly worked and woke me up. As I lay in Savasana my mind was far from still, contemplating some weird stuff.

On top of all that, I had finally laid Mr Date to rest in my mind – detachment actaully working, finished class got on the tube, turned on my phone and had a text message from him; and like all things, the cycle starts all over again – what have I done to deserve it 😉