When my alarm went off this morning the first thought that ran through my head was, oh god, I am so tired…. then I remembered that it was 5.55 and I had yoga to do.

It wasn’t really a very good practice – felt slow and slovenly, but better than not moving at all.

Yesterday I did a couple of good drop backs unassisted – good to get away from THE FEAR. Cannot for the life of me get back up yet. As I was hanging out in Urdva Dhanurasana I remembered how easy it was as a child to kick my legs up and come out of it as a backwards walkover. In my old age that would just be IMPOSSIBLE.

Had an e mail from my colleague today, he is organising meetings for me whilst I am away – joy…. three months out of the office do not equate to three months off work, it would seem!

Working on another exercise in detachment… men…… bah.