One would be forgiven for believing that my personal new years resolution was to give up blogging … it wasn’t, but what with ‘the date’, ‘the birthday’ and ‘the birthday party’ followed by a TT weekend, I haven’t had much time to contemplate all things yoga.

The aforementioned events rather hampered my yoga practice, on Friday I was so hung over – thanks friends who bought me birthday drinks – that I couldn’t even get out of bed !!!

When I arrived at the office this morning I had a present waiting on my desk – Gregor Maehle’sAshtanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy, from my colleague – what a star! I will have to try and resist spending the day reading it!

There is not an awful lot to speak about on the yoga front. On Saturday in TT we practiced giving purely verbal instructions for postures – our teacher was pretending to be a complete beginner and wasn’t making it at all easy for us. I had to get her into Parivritta Parsvakonasana, hmm, more practice required. On Sunday we we studying Ayurveda, something that I know a bit about from India last year.

4 weeks today till I depart – ARGHHH; things are going to get really busy from now on!