November 2006

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired…. I don’t want to think about how many hours I have been in the office this week. I have two days left and have a desire to clear my desk, but the problem is that things keep landing on it! I fear I will be working into the wee small hours tomorrow night. I will certainly deserve my break!

My trip is finally taking shape – I booked another hotel yesterday, one that costs more in the £20 per night mark, so it seems that it will be of good standard (comparatively speaking!) – hopefully it will have wi-fi, but I won’t get my hopes up about that too much! The booking procedure seemed a bit dodgy – the man on the phone asked me when I was arriving, if I wanted a/c and what my name was. I am however more confident that the airport pickup will happen as the man in the ‘travel centre’ seemed more reliable so at least I know I will get to the hotel. I will definitely be calling on Tuesday to confirm my reservation!

I have also put together a rough plan of where I am going to be when, which is as follows:-

Dec 6 – 15th Delhi
Dec 15 – Jan 6 Palolem
Jan 7 – Jan 10 Mumbai
Jan 10 – Jan 13 Bangkok
Jan 13- Jan 20 Yoga Thailand
Jan 20- Jan 21 Bangkok
Jan 21 – Jan 26 Jakarta
Jan 27 – Feb 7 Jungle yoga
Feb- 7 – 27 Thailand/Cambodia? etc
Feb 27 – Mar 1 Delhi
Mar 1 Fly home

The two retreats I haven’t booked, so are subject to availability… but that works out at about 6 weeks of retreating in a 12 week break, which isn’t bad going. I am still undecided about Mysore, its still a possibility for February – and it’s something I am really torn over, I do want to go, but there are so other places I want to go to as well…. decisions decisions.

I have also pretty much organised to meet a friend for the week at Yoga Thailand, which will be great 😀

I did go to practice last night, I struggled through the standing poses, then gave up due to my typhoid arm hurting too much. I helped adjust for the rest of the class; so the evening was not a total waste!

And now, work…..

I had my typhoid shot last night and now my arm really hurts… feel like I was punched very hard. I normally sleep on my left hand side, so ended up waking up numerous times during the night as I rolled over and it hurt…. hopefully it will loosen up later and I will manage to do some yoga.

Last night I spent 4 1/2 hours setting up my travel laptop with everything I need. A clean re-install followed by downloading about 100 updates – oh, how I love Microsoft…. NOT. It is an old laptop, but half the size of the one I have at home, and conveniently fits into the detachable daysack for my rucksack. Today all I need to do is update the Wifi drivers and hopefully I will be ready to go. (oh, and copy some music onto it…). It better not get stolen after all this effort!

Still shed loads of work to do and my nice early start was ruined by the District line, which was not running at all. BOO HISS – refund form, here we come.

I have one week till I go. I spent the first two hours of my morning at the Indian embassy getting my visa – most dull, but at least it is out of the way.

I am now trying to sort out my accommodation in Delhi, not proving fun, but I think I have found somewhere which will be OK if they have vacancies… must phone them at lunch time. The first place I found is only £4.50 per night, perhaps a little less than I had hoped to pay, they keep e mailing me, which, if they are desperate for customers, isn’t a good thing!!!

Things still a bit mad at work – doesn’t really feel like I will be leaving my desk for 3 months…. have to get my laptop sorted with everything I need to be able to work whilst I am away – yawn… a chore for tonight.

Said farewell to Mr. Date this morning; I wonder if fate will have our paths cross again in the future?

And as for yoga – I didn’t do any yesterday – 12 hour shift in the office, and I probably won’t do any today as I have too many things to do… well, maybe I’ll fit in a little this evening….

I am finally making some progress towards my departure – still not entirely sure of my schedule for Delhi – I think it will have to change it around so that I do my touristy stuff at the beginning and my work before I leave; but no bother. Must book a hotel tonight or I will end up staying somewhere dodgy…

Today I started on my to-do list… I have bought pretty much all the stuff I need – got a rucksack yesterday, today I spent £115 in Boots buying antimalarials and all the toiletries, cosmetics, medicines etc that I will need for the trip. I have taken my phone to be unlocked, then on Tuesday I have my booster jabs and get my visa!

I am not sure that I will find anywhere to do yoga in the first 10 days, so its just up to me and my mat… shouldn’t be a problem though, I hope!

This weekend I did a good class yesterday, but have come out of it with sore triceps – not sure why!! Today I did a friends British Wheel assessment class – not exactly thrilling stuff, lifting arms up and down, breathing, building up to …. trikonasana, then cooling down…. she taught it will though 🙂

Can’t believe that in just over a week I will be on my way!!!!

Going to see James Bond tonight – I hope it’s as good as Vanessa suggests 😉

I got up this morning and did my usual Friday practice at 6. I am quite getting used to doing it now. We usually precede it with Curry on Thursday night, which is nice! I even strayed from my usual sag paneer last night and had dahl… plenty more of that to come soon!

I still notice that my morning practice is stiffer than practicing later in the day, but what I do like about it is how meditative it is. I can get up at 5.50 do yoga then watch the world wake up as I have my breakfast. If I were to get up at 5.50 and just get going for my day, I would feel horrible and tired, but doing the yoga doesn’t have that effect – my body seems to perceive it as rest time still!

One more week at work, and making some progress towards my departure! I am also hoping not to leave too late tonight so that I can get a round of Karaoke in at the local pub with my colleague before I go home 😀

Had a nice practice last night – just straight primary series, but I was quite in my flow. Three of us did the class – it could have been a bit faster really, but one of the ladies is pretty much just a beginner and is kind of slow. I took things at my own pace and just stopped now and again for them to catch up. Note to self – if you do Mysore practice this will not happen…. all the more reason to ‘go Mysore‘ after my TT course is finished.

With assistance I pretty much managed Supta K. I can grab my fingers, but the pull back from my legs on my shoulders is pretty strong, so I can’t hold it for so long. If I could actually get my legs properly over my shoulders, I guess it would be easier, but my left hamstring is still playing up a bit, so it isn’t comfortable.

I got an absolutely MASSIVE cramp in my left calf doing Setu Bandhasana; OMG I thought my leg was trying to rip itself apart. When I rolled out of it, I think my teacher thought I had hurt my neck – she was quite concerned. But OUCH…. I could hardly walk out of class, it felt like I had done 200 calf raises with 50Kg weight! Today it doesn’t hurt so much, but is just really, really stiff – lactic acid overload! Hopefully it will be OK in step class :-S

This is nothing like Ashtanga…. I think this is what Rodney Yee’s DVD should have on it! I am not normally one for yoga DVDs, but last night I practiced with the neighbour and she had bought Rodney Yee’s DVD. The practice claimed to be advanced – which it was to the extent that it had some interesting transitions from headstand into arm balances, but other than that, it was pretty lame. During the 50 minute ‘total body’ practice I never even broke into a sweat! I also found that the sequence flowed really, really quickly – almost too fast, never holding any posture for more than a couple of breaths. He and his editors also didn’t do a great job, and on two occasions a posture given on the right was not repeated on the left…. ahh well, I needn’t do it again. Whinge over!

Proper Ashtanga tonight, that will keep me happy. And between me and that practice stand 10 hours at work!

I was pleased to find out yesterday that girl I know from my step class will be in Delhi at the same time as me. We are going to exchange contact details at class tomorrow!

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