I am TIRED today. Although the clocks went back and we technically got an extra hour in bed on Sunday, I decided to take advantage of my first totally free Sunday in ages and stayed in bed till nearly midday!!! But I paid for it last night when I couldn’t sleep – I was awake till 1, then woke again at 3.30 for an hour.

Practice today seemed exhausting – almost as though I wanted to give up. My body felt unwilling to put up with discomfort. I have been finding that my practice has been bringing up some really strong emotions in these last few days. On Saturday I could have killed someone after class – it really fired me up. Tonight I almost felt tearful. Mentally I have been working through quite a few issues, so I guess it all comes out in the asana practice too.

Tomorrow night I have ‘a date’ … OK so I broke dating protocol and asked him out, but it is the 21st Century, and sometimes a woman must take the initiative….