I have been waiting for someone to call me – I don’t think they will. I found myself starting to analyse this, worry about why this might be? Then it occurred to me how it is that we form an attachment to someone or something we do not really know.

As I analysed my thoughts on this matter I thought of Patanjali’s second Sutra and particularly the commentary by Sri Swami Satchinananda.

Sri Swami Satchinananda makes a fine example of a modification of the mind: he makes an analogy with cheese. Effectively saying that once you smell cheese, you won’t return to your restful state of mind until the desire to eat has been sated. And I suppose that the point he is making here is that before you smelled the cheese, you didn’t feel the need to eat. With yoga we aim to control this.

He also points out how the human mind creates labels for things, his example is the reunification of a child with his long lost father – within seconds, the man, who was once a stranger, becomes a father, really nothing has changed, the man is still the man he was before he was labelled, it is all just a modification of the mind.

I applied this logic to my situation – until I expected a call, I didn’t wait for that call. I took solace in this and am letting this attachment go – I am who I was last week, nothing in my life has changed – My perception has changed, some attachment was formed, but I now let that go.