I am still knackered – I am kidding myself trying to believe that at very nearly 32 I can party all night on Saturday, not catch up on that night of sleep at all, then function fine afterwards….

Yesterdays body combat class felt hard, and my yoga practice even harder. This morning I turned off my alarm clock at 6.30 and then woke up again to find it was 8.00. Oops….

Having commented on V’s blog about Ahimsa, I shall now endeavour to practice it myself and cancel my lunchtime step class. Hopefully that way I will have enough energy for a good practice tonight.

Last night I had a dream that my yoga teacher asked me to stand down from the TT because I was having ego problems and didn’t think I could learn anything else from her…. ?!! What is my brain trying to tell me here… be humble, perhaps. Maybe I should try it?