The weekends yoga practices were good – I made a valiant effort yesterday and managed to lead an hour long practice with my downstairs neighbour, despite having only had half an hours broken sleep! Even drop backs were OK – think my back is finally loosening up somewhat!

After practice on Saturday, one of my yoga buddies decided to arrange an impromptu evening-do. We had a lovely meal at hers, then we, including my yoga teacher (!) went into Soho for a dance. Had a brilliant time – it is nice to know that being a yogi does impress some people – even if the-ex thought it was akin to being a scientologist!

During our meal I was talking to my teacher about ambition and yoga – refer to earlier posts re. yoga and bets! She agreed that we shouldn’t push ourselves beyond our capabilities, but if we were to approach our goals using our own capabilities and practiced santosha, then it was OK!