In the skewed world of me, Thursday is my day off yoga. This alarmed one of my yoga-buddies who is also doing the TT what, you only take 1 day off a week??? Urm yes, I do try and do 6 practices per week. Thursday is my step day (well one of them) anyway!

I have been thinking about my cardio addiction – a few people have been posting about doing cardio and the subsequent tight muscles etc. I wonder if my step addiction does shorten the thigh and hip muscles – I do have pretty tight hips, particularly my left hip. I always do a lot of extra stretching after class – Prasarita Padottanasana A, Padangusthasana, Hanumanasana and a pigeon variation.

Really good practice yesterday – 6 of us, all advanced, which was great. I was sweating so much though, it was really rather disgusting; L had the heating on, which didn’t help the sweating – but I would much rather be hot and sweat than cold! I just wish that you could sweat without coming out of class looking like you have taken a trip through a river!!!

Practiced loads of dropback last night – I hope to be able to come up by myself by Christmas – I just haven’t quite managed to get the momentum right yet. I was reprimanded for this though at class – yoga is non-competitive, you shouldn’t have ambitions – blah, blah…. ah well. I also have a BET (yes, also very unyogic) on with another fellow yogi that I will never be able to bind Supta K – she recons that by the time I get back from my trip, I will…. there is £50 riding on it…. maybe I could donate the money to charity??? Another thing I would like to be able to do is get into lotus without manual intervention – at the moment my lotus is fine and comfortable, I can bind it, Baddha Padmasana, but just can’t get in and out using just my legs… urgh – maybe this is a result of too much stepping too!

Bought a North India guidebook yesterday – need to get my first two weeks sorted!