I ordered a new mat yesterday – the rubber Yoga Mad Tree Mat – I possibly mentioned it before, but didn’t buy it due to my ‘new home owner’ financial situation.

The Tree Mat is made from dry Natural Rubber from the Havea Brasiliensis tree, on a 100% cotton mesh. Natural rubber and cotton are degradable making this an ecologically sound yoga mat. The Tree Mat also has the best grip, which combined with good shock absorption and abrasion resistance make this mat unbeatable.
Tested by SGS Laboratories as Heavy Metal & AZO Free and as safe for “food contact substances.”to FDA Requirements.

My old Ekotex also ‘terribly environmentally friendly‘ mat has got to a state where I can practice on it no more . By the time I had finished class on Monday I had bits of green ‘environemntally friendly, you could eat off this, rubber’, on my feet, legs, bum, in my hair etc etc… so the time has definitely come. I’ll take my pink home mat to class tonight – it has lasted much better than the ekotex but I prefer the thinner mats at class because they are easier to store.

Hopefully this tree mat will be good…