After the disastrous (OK, that is a bit of an exaggeration) start to my morning yesterday, I did get on the mat when I got home from work. My muscles were really tight – I pushed myself hard on Monday and obviously took myself a bit deeper into the postures. My hamstrings and shoulders were both very stiff, oh and my obliques after a VERY long navasana (C decided we would hold for 10 breaths, but her 10 started after I had already done 5).

It was nice to practice alone just to loosen myself up a bit – modified primary – all of the standing postures, then modified selection of seated postures, concentrating on hamstrings and hip opening.

Feel mostly recovered from the muscle ache today and am looking forward to L’s class tonight.

I have been looking into the logistics of my trip – still not quite sure what to do with myself – my teacher recommended a couple of retreats one with Danny Paradise and one with Clive Sheridan, but they fall in February, when I am thinking of going to Mysore.

A couple of friends may join me in India too – I met them at the retreat last year – but they won’t want to stay at BK again for 3 weeks, which is rather my feeling too – but I think I would not be flavour of the month with my teacher if I left after the TT week… ohh decisions – I need a year off, not just 3 months!