Despite the good things happening in my life – I feel quite down this evening.

I had a good practice – better than yesterday anyway!

Getting rid of the attachment to an old partner is so hard. Every time I think I have let him go, he comes back, with stories crying out for my sympathy. I don’t doubt that his situation is hell and that he needs consolation, but the time has come to let go. It’s hard not to soften, feel sorry for him, give him some attention. At the same time I want to yell at him – IT IS YOUR FAULT THIS DIDN’T WORK OUT – YOU TREATED ME BADLY – LET ME GO…
How long will it go on for???

Plus, a friend is having a hard time, I just hope she can get stuff to work out for her.

During the space of today I have changed my mind twice about my travel plans….

Tonights plan:-

Delhi, Agra, Khujaroa
Koh Mak ?
Samui ?
Jakarta ?

Arghh, this is the only chance I am going to get to take THREE months off…. I don’t want to make the wrong choice…. but yoga is my ‘now’ – visiting friends can happen any time….