I love seeing how my body responds to a daily practice, especially after my crap practice for the last couple of weeks due to illness and injury! I was feeling really flexible yesterday – nice. Only three people at class too so C indulged me with some handstand practice.

December and fly to Delhi, returning to London on 1st March 2007. So far my only Yesterday the office provisionally approved my three months off – I will leave London on 4thcommitment is to be in Palolem on 16th December for a week, which is part of my Teacher Training course. We are, of course, expected to stay on and assist with teaching at the retreat for another two weeks after.

Partly, I really would love to go and practice in Mysore, but at the same time, three months away isn’t very long and there is so much to see – I would end up spending two months in India, leaving myself only one month for the rest of the world! My teacher doesn’t think I should go to Mysore – I didn’t really understand her reasons why – it may just be because she didn’t really enjoy it – but I know her character well enough to assume that the problems she had with Mysore really wouldn’t bother me.

So, now there are decisions to be made and flights to be booked…. where to go, oh, where to go….?