One of the things I really love about ashtanga is that almost every practice I do makes me hungry to do more, to get on my mat again, to keep practicing.

I really enjoyed my class yesterday – it was nice to work with my teacher again – she was away for a fortnight on retreat, then last week I was ill and didn’t make it to her classes. We did lots of dropbacks, which is great for a stiff back person like me – both my upper and lower back are stiff this morning, but it feels like a reward today!

I was thinking, whilst doing dropbacks, how easy it was to dropback as a kid – backwards walkovers, forwards walkovers, flic flacs, handstands were just a bit of fun. I did them on the concrete in the playground at school, on the grass, in the gym – there was no fear, I just did it. I’m working back towards that now, the fearless thing and the dropbacks anyway! I also used to do crow and bhuja pindasana to amuse my friends – although I hadn’t come across yoga; we called Bhuja P monkeycrab!

The electrician should be finished today – fingers and toes crossed! So, it’s home tonight, clean the dust off the floor and get my mat back out where it belongs!