The electrician is now 1 week behind schedule, and by that, I mean 1 week late finishing! I also don’t believe that he will finish until at least the end of the week. My flat is covered in dust, there are tools everywhere and I can’t even find space to lay down my mat and practice – not good. I just want my space back. The idea that I have to tackle the kitchen next is not one I relish.

In order to avoid hanging around in my messy, dusty space, I worked late last night, then spent the evening with two yoga friends – didn’t get to bed till 1am – not good. Yawn.

Hopefully my class later on will invigorate me?!

I was bemused by a comment from my teacher on Monday – she told me I had a very open upper back, I am absolutely adamant that I don’t….. in ustrasana I feel like my shoulders are around my ears and that my chest doesn’t open at all…. interesting!