I have lots to do – I don’t feel like I am getting any of it done. The big issues are as follows:-

– Finish off some cases at work which have been dragging on
– make some big work related decisions and sort out paperwork to go with
– Get the electrician finished and out of the flat
– Sort out a new kitchen
– Decorate flat
– Get new bicycle wheel
– Get car serviced
– Book flight to India
– Do this months reading for TT
– Teach some more practice classes

Right, it doesn’t seem so ominous when written down – its short after all; but sometimes anything over and above just getting up in the morning and going about the day seems like such an effort…

I have had a horrible cold this week and its really knocked my movtivation. I did a very short practice on Tuesday, then nothing yesterday as I just felt like I couldn’t move. If there is ANY space in my flat around the electrician’s boxes, cables, tools etc, then I will practice tonight. I definitely can’t fit a class in on Friday night as I have a rehearsal for the wedding in the evening, and then won’t manage the class on Saturday either as there just isn’t time. Hopefully I can find a space in my mums house and practice there – at least I can use her mat!

Right, work… that’s what I am here in the office for!