My throat hurts 😦 I am supposed to be singing at my friends wedding on Saturday….. not good.

I am not really looking forward to the wedding – it’s not that I don’t want to be there for my friend, it’s just that I am going alone and I don’t think I will know anyone else there. The rest of her close friends who are my friends too live overseas so are not coming. The invite was for me and C – obviously not taking C with me. She said I could bring another guest, but who would I bring?

The only upside to the weekend is that I will go home and see my mum too – she asked me if I wanted booking in to the Saturday morning yoga class, alas, I fear I won’t have time for it. I will also hook up with some Cambridge friends on the way back to London – that will be fun!

Did a nice yoga class last night – 3 of us and N teaching – no stragglers! We did quite a lot of chanting, I don’t think that helped my voice much.

Still eating chocolate – but have given it to CK to hide from me. Don’t even feel hungry (just ate my lunch though… at 11.30!), but still have the urge to pig out…. I’ll get fat at this rate!

No yoga tonight, meeting a friend who I met in India at Christmas – It will be great to catch up.

Step class at lunchtime will be my exercise fix!