I don’t know why, but this last week I have been really craving chocolate. Today’s chocolate fix is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Although there is way more peanut butter in them than chocolate – so maybe it doesn’t count πŸ˜‰ Lets pretend I don’t have a caramel green and blacks bar in my drawer for the time being….

I had lots of fun doing yoga yesterday – I was helping with my friends Teacher Training thesis which is about the effect your skeletal make up has on your practice. Much of it is based on what we learned at Paul Grilley’s workshop, but as I have problem shoulders we were comparing my shoulder mobility with hers. Paul Grilley demonstrated how the acromion process on your shoulder could impinge the amount you can raise your arms. We took comparison shots and my friend has considerably more room to move her arms than I do….

To get any more extension in the arm, the joint must rotate, bringing the arm outwards and causing the arms to bend and the elbows to point outwards. This has a startling effect in forearm balances – in fact I can hardly manage them without a belt to keep my arms together.

One other startling thing that I didn’t know until now is that I also have no neck… well, no extension in it anyway – it just gets lost in my big shoulders…. 😦