I am feeling a bit disenchanted with yoga today – too many egos and not enough space….

I went to class with my usual teacher this morning – she is just back from retreat – she said some very wise words at the beginning of our practice; discussing how some people are not ready to take on the spiritual life attached to the yoga practice and get their values confused, really just ending up in a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, I seem to have run into a few too many yogis who listen but don’t really seem to take these things on board and conduct themselves in a not very yogic way….

In the afternoon – following a pretty disastrous tube journey and a rushed lunch I went to the David Swenson workshop on jump throughs and handstands. I was really pleased that I could attend as I was keen to see what he was like. He did impress me actually, very grounded and not at all affected by his ‘guru’ status. I kind of enjoyed the session, but I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t heard before on other workshops or just figured out from my own practice. I was quite disappointed with some of the people there, but don’t really want to go into it. I think it would help if Triyoga would cap the numbers for the workshops, or at least arrange the mats in a sensible fashion before workshops start.

Anyhow, onwards and upwards. I’ll do self practice tomorrow, or go to my friends class – at least then the only ego I will stumble on is my own.