No, I am not talking about jumping back or even bhuja pindasana….I am talking about my long awaited bed. I was so looking forward to having a proper bed to sleep on after a month on the inflatable mattress, but the mattress is just so hard. It is supposed to be a medium-firm mattress, god knows what a firm mattress feels like. At 5.30am today I decided that I got just as much cushioning from my ecotex mat lying in savasana on the floor – and I am more likely to fall asleep there too.

This week has been my worst week for yoga ALL YEAR – I have not done less yoga in a week except in my ‘break from all exercise’ week. Well, I guess the two day workshop at the weekend should make up for it. Will do some yoga tonight though.

Now, I must get back to working – nothing like being really busy to make me want to do something totally un-work related!