Well, today’s post is not going to be about yoga because I haven’t done any – again 😦

A US pharma client had ideas about what they wanted done today, and that didn’t allow me time to practice – I am not very impressed, but I will make up for it tomorrow.

I will digress though; at lunchtime I went for my gym fix – despite my yoga practice I still need a 3 times weekly step class to keep me amused. As we were waiting for class to start, a girl I recognise came to chat to me. She hasn’t been coming for more than a couple of months but told me that last week at step she had had a run in with one of the other girls. I knew exactly who and what she was talking about as I had witnessed it myself. Basically, Girl R has been coming to the class since the gym opened a couple of years ago, and always has her step on the right hand corner. Girl X – for I do not know her name – placed her step there last week… Girl R asked her to move, as she always goes there and has been a member for longer. Girl X said no, and Girl R (allegedly) told her to F**k off!!! Ok so that seemed a bit extreme, does it really matter if you are not in your usual spot? What really shocked me though was that Girl X proceeded to say to me “…. girl R goes to virtually every class and I really can’t believe that she is still the size she is!” I thought that was quite rude, and presumptuous too – I actually like girl R and girl X just assumed it was ok to bitch about her – I could have been her friend, for all she knew!

On my way out of the gym, Rikki, one of the personal trainers, stopped me to ask where I was this morning…. last week I went to the primary series class before work – first time in ages, this morning I didn’t. Like Tiff said – nice that someone might notice you weren’t there!

And last and most importantly – MY BED ARRIVES TOMORROW – NO MORE AIRBED, NO MORE AIRBED!!!!!! And slightly less importantly, my sofas arrive too 😀