I booked the Yin Yoga course tonight – hopefully its going to be good. I am quite excited about it as I think it will be really interesting and useful for my TT thesis.

I Haven’t done any asana practice today – too many chores to do, veggie brunches to eat at Tootsies, coffees and cakes to be eaten at goodness* and too much chat to be caught up with with my best yoga buddy who has been on holiday for a week. It has been lovely weather this weekend too.

At practice yesterday and I was as stiff as a board… funny how your body changes on a daily basis. Fridays practice was so open!

I spent yesterday afternoon with my best friend and her 1 1/2 year old – it struck me how straight forward life is at that age. You cry like your heart has broken when you fall over, and you squeal and laugh with hapiness when your toy makes a noise like a doorbell…. and one hug with your mum and everything is better….. yet over the years we become hardened, the doorbell noise is no longer enough to make your day and dry your tears, and your hurt becomes so much more profound. Life experiences, your friends and your lovers make you so happy, but can hurt you so much. You carry your experience like scars with you everyday, sometimes reliving them and bringing all the hurt back out again…..

On a high note, I have managed to sort out my blog archive and have tacked it onto my first entry here…..