I am so pleased it is nearly the weekend – this week has been super busy and I have felt sooooo tired.

I am having a Friday night in, bliss… I have scraped paint off the walls, done primary, and will soon put up a blind and maybe do some ironing.

Wow, how exciting my life is.

I was amused to read this comment on the blog of an old friend of mine who has gone travelling:-

I’ve finally found your blog after months of hunting! Glad to hear you’re still alive!


I really think it’s about time you moved on from the guidebook style and experiment with another genre, perhaps spy novels or action-adventure. I’m sure “Mochima is a national park consisting mainly of beaches and islands.” but I’m more interested in whether you’ve been mugged, how drunk you’ve got, what drugs you’ve experimented with and whether you’ve fought any bears.

Please sort it out.

It says it all really – blogs need to have an element of excitement… mine doesn’t!